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  1. Introduction

    What You'll Get Out of This Course
  2. Why I Made This Course
  3. Course Resources
  4. Step 1: Understand and Align with How The Brain Works
    How to Succeed Using This Course
  5. Introduction to This Section (0:32)
  6. Structure and Function of the Nervous System
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  7. Step 2: Speak the Brain’s Language
    Marketing to the Intuitive Mind: A Brief Introduction (3:13)
  8. Introduction to This Lesson (1:19)
  9. Marketing to the Intuitive Mind
    5 Topics
  10. Models of Neuromarketing
    14 Topics
  11. Step 3: Use an Integrated Neuromarketing Model
    Introduction to the Integrated Neuromarketing Model (4:21)
  12. The Iceberg Model
    8 Topics
  13. The NEURON Model
    6 Topics
  14. Wrapping Up This Lesson
  15. Proprietary ChatGPT Prompts for Neuromarketing
    ChatGPT Prompts for Neuromarketing Success
    4 Topics
  16. Power #1: Neurodesign [Coming November 2023]
    Principles of Neurodesign
    13 Topics
  17. Power #2: Useful Models from Psychology [Coming December 2023]
    Cognitive Ease & Cognitive Strain
  18. The Goal Gradient Effect
  19. Evaluative Conditioning
  20. The Six Minds of Experience
  21. The COM-B Model for Behavior Change
  22. Power #3: Neurobranding [Coming Jan 2024]
    Hebb's Law & Branding
  23. Operating Principles to Build a Brain First Brand
  24. Operating Principles to Build a Brain First Brand Part II
  25. Applied Neuromarketing: Social Media [Coming 2024]
    What Neuroscience Can Tell Us About Social Media
  26. Power #4: Neuropsychology Based Storytelling [Coming 2024]
    Introduction to the Storytelling Framework
  27. Power #5: The Neuroscience of Demand Generation [Coming 2024]
    Reiss' 16 Desires
  28. Braeutigam & Kenning's 2 Motivators & 10 Sub-Motivators
  29. Wants, Likes, Needs, and Goals
  30. Neuromarketing Science & Business Association Conference Summary Reviews [Coming 2024]
    Neuromarketing World Forum 2016
  31. Neuromarketing World Forum 2017
  32. Neuromarketing World Forum 2018
  33. 2018 Shopper Brain Conference
  34. Neuromarketing World Forum 2019
  35. Neuromarketing World Forum 2022
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Marketing to the Intuitive Mind Part 4 (9:41)

thebrainpal November 23, 2022
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In an example of small emotional rewards, I mentioned that the GoDaddy ads from the early 2000s were a good example. I mentioned what they did, but I did not mention just how effective they were. As someone who’s been in web development for nearly 3 years now, almost all of the people that come to me with a domain bought their domain from GoDaddy. Almost everyone I know who is older than 30 bought their domain from GoDaddy. This is just my experience, of course, but I think it acts as an example of just how effective GoDaddy ads were. They’re basically one of the first websites most people think about when they think about purchasing a domain.

Here’s a link to Cialdini’s book on persuasion. This is currently considered one of the foundational books on the psychology of persuasion. I recommend this edition, which came out in 2021.

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