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Neuromarketing Transformation: 5 Years of Neuromarketing Work & Research in One Program

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  1. Introduction

    What You'll Get Out of This Course
  2. Why I Made This Course
  3. Course Resources
  4. Step 1: Understand and Align with How The Brain Works
    How to Succeed Using This Course
  5. Introduction to This Section (0:32)
  6. Structure and Function of the Nervous System
    7 Topics
  7. "Your Brain Is Not an Onion with a Tiny Reptile Inside" - Cesario et. al (Short Read)
  8. Step 2: Speak the Brain’s Language
    Marketing to the Intuitive Mind: A Brief Introduction (3:13)
  9. Introduction to This Lesson (1:19)
  10. Marketing to the Intuitive Mind
    5 Topics
  11. Models of Neuromarketing
    14 Topics
  12. Step 3: Use an Integrated Neuromarketing Model
    Introduction to the Integrated Neuromarketing Model (4:21)
  13. The Iceberg Model
    8 Topics
  14. The NEURON Model
    6 Topics
  15. Wrapping Up This Lesson
    4 Topics
  16. Proprietary LLM Prompts for Neuromarketing (Use w/ ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc.)
    LLM Prompts for Neuromarketing Success
    5 Topics
  17. Power #1: Neurodesign [Coming Q3 2024]
    Principles of Neurodesign
    13 Topics
  18. Power #2: Useful Models from Psychology [Coming Q3 2024]
    Cognitive Ease & Cognitive Strain
  19. The Goal Gradient Effect
  20. Evaluative Conditioning
  21. The Six Minds of Experience
  22. The COM-B Model for Behavior Change
  23. Power #3: Neurobranding [Coming Q3 2024]
    Hebb's Law & Branding
  24. Operating Principles to Build a Brain First Brand
  25. Operating Principles to Build a Brain First Brand Part II
  26. Power #4: Neuropsychology Based Storytelling [Coming Q3 2024]
    The Neuropsychology Based Storytelling Framework
  27. Power #5: The Neuroscience of Demand Generation [Coming Q3 2024]
    Wants, Likes, Needs, and Goals
  28. Creating Hot Cognitions
  29. Reiss' 16 Desires
  30. Braeutigam & Kenning's 2 Motivators & 10 Sub-Motivators
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Some notes:

Examples of good TikTok accounts that use Low Attention Marketing with “highly rewarding” content as a strategy:

These are examples of how marketing doesn’t have to be boring for you to make, or boring for your audience to consume. Marketing can be fun, and by and large it’s often going to benefit both you and your audience to make it fun!

Some good examples of Apple Product Placement:

I said “Tv and movie shows” around 4:20. Obviously, I meant to say “Movie and tv shows.” 🙂

Check out some of the William Painter ads here:

In the William Painter part of the video, I said “They’re some of the funniest YouTube ads I ran.” I meant to say “Funniest YouTube ads I’ve seen.”

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