The BrainPal Report: 5 Years of Neuromarketing Work & Research in One Program

This course will take you from knowing nothing about the neuroscience of marketing and design to knowing exactly how to use it to get more of what you want. Whether you want to increase sales, improve your social media presence, or simply be more persuasive, this course can help you.

thebrainpal · September 27, 2022

You’ll learn everything you’ll want to know about neuromarketing, consumer neuroscience, and marketing psychology and how to use their principles in the real world. I am offering a $10 early access price for the first 10 people who purchase the course. It will never be $10 again after that because I will be continuously updating this course basically every week with new and valuable content.

$10 supply sold out. Next batch of courses will be $25 for 1 person. $25 supply sold out. $50 available for 2 people (Sold Out).

The $75 price is available for the first 100 people. After that, the course will be $99.

All purchases will come with lifetime access, meaning you will get future updates (and there will be a lot) completely free with your original purchase.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you feel you haven’t significantly improved your marketing skills after 2 weeks of working through the course content, you can request your money back.

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Step 1: Understand and Align with How The Brain Works
Step 2: Speak the Brain’s Language
Step 3: Use an Integrated Neuromarketing Model
Proprietary ChatGPT Prompts for Neuromarketing
Power #1: Neurodesign [Coming 2024]
Power #2: Useful Models from Psychology [Coming 2024]
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