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To Get More of What You Want
To Grow Your Business
To Grow Your Following
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4 years of neuromarketing work & research in one course. Boost your marketing results today.

What’s in it for you?

Get More of What You Want

Grow Your Business

Learn the little known strategies of neuromarketing to acquire customers, build your brand, and maximize your marketing ROI.

Build Your Audience

Whether you want to increase your social media following or build your community, understanding the brain will help you create marketing strategies that truly connect with people.

Help More People

This course isn’t just about making more money. It will help you make a difference. By learning the principles of neuromarketing, you’ll be able to create products and services that truly meet the needs of your customers. With improved persuasion skills, you’ll be able to reach more people and make an even positive impact on the world.

Save Time. Save Money. Maximize Your Marketing ROI

I’ve spent nearly $3,000 dollars assembling the materials (books, research papers, courses, etc.) I use to teach you neuromarketing in this program. I also spent the better part of the past year and a half consuming this material and converting it into an easy to understand format. Expect to learn neuromarketing faster, easier, and way cheaper than I did!

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Benefits of this program

  • You’ll save money & save time, money, and effort through this comprehensive and organized curriculum.
  • Improve your persuasive skills at work, home and in personal relationships
  • Increased chances of success in business by understanding consumer behavior and the consumer decision making process
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals. Network and collaborate with your fellow students in the course community (and don’t worry. You won’t need Discord or to join another FB group! 🙂)
  • Real-life examples and case studies to better understand and apply the concepts
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to the course material for continued learning and reference.

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Course Value

  • Length of the course:
  • My time spent making the course:
  • My time spent learning the material of this course:
  • Cost of materials used in this course


A Satisfied customer
is best for business.

Perfect Timing

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What you’ll be learning

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Lindsay Andrews

Digital Marketing

Lindsay Andrews

Digital Marketing

Lindsay Andrews

Digital Marketing

Lindsay Andrews

Digital Marketing


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Madeline Adams

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might ask “Why teach something? Why tell people your secret knowledge?”

First of all, me sharing this stuff with others is not going to hurt me. It’s going to help both me and you. Do you think Gordon Ramsay or Paula Deen went out of business by teaching people about cooking? Does a business person lose their livelihood when they write a book about success in their industry? Nope. Teaching helps one grow their brand and also brings value to more people. That is my goal here. To deliver value to as many people as I can.

Nope. I’m not promising you’ll get rich quick. The value proposition for this course is that you’ll learn valuable skills and information you can use to improve your odds of success. By more strongly understanding people and how to speak to their hearts and minds more effectively, you’ll have a powerful skill you can use in the pursuit of your dreams.

You get lifetime access to the program with your purchase. It’s self-paced, so you can get to it whenever time permits for you. 🙂

I built a feature into the course that will enable you to take notes right within the program. You can also download your notes as a PDF and/or Word Doc and take them with you wherever you’d like

This program teaches timeless principles. No matter the technology changes that come in the future, you’ll still be able to apply the principles I’ll share with you. The human mind hasn’t changed all that much in effectively centuries if not millennia. We still have the same brains are ancestors had centuries ago.

What does change, however, is the context in which we live, and I share how to consider and work with varying contexts in the program. 🙂

I have a 14 day money back guarantee. 

I guarantee you’ll learn something valuable you can use to grow your business or get more of what you want.

If you feel you did not learn anything valuable, email me “I did not learn anything valuable or useful in this program. ” and tell me what you think I could do to make the program more valuable or useful. 

Yes, but it will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money. I’ve spent nearly $3,000 (so far – click here to request access to the spreadsheet with all of the materials I used for course and how much I’ve spent) getting all of the materials for this course.

This doesn’t even include the time spent, I spent hundreds of hours combing through books, textbooks, research papers, and a ton of niche resources to find the knowledge I share in this course. I then spent hundreds of hours synthesizing it into language, frameworks, and systems that anyone can understand. So with this program, you’ll be saving yourself time and money.

The principles of neuromarketing are applicable to any business. The better you understand your customer’s mind, the better you can serve them.

I wanted to offer this program at a low price so that more people can learn and grow from the principles I want to share.

From multiple perspectives, the cost of this program might be considered too low. Let me illustrate:

  • I spent over $3,000 of my own money to acquire the resources used in this program.
  • I spent hours per day over a period of about 14 months building out the resources in this program. The time investment I put in alone is worth thousands of dollars considering I typically charge $100/hr at the minimum. 
  • If you were to spend time going through and acquiring all the resources I’ve already found and synthesized, you’d spend hundreds of hours. Let’s say you value your time at a very low rate of $15/hour, and let’s say you spent 100 hours collecting and reading all of the resources. This would mean you spent $1,500 of your time when you could have spent a fraction of that just going through the resources I’ve synthesized for you.
    • Or if your time is worth $25/hr =  $2,500 of your time
    • $100/hr = $10,000 hours of your time
  • In addition to the time I’ve spent building the program, I’ve also been applying and testing the principles in the real world. I’ve been doing neuromarketing full-time for 4 years now. The experience I have gives me a unique perspective on how to actually apply the principles, as I have practice actually using the principles!

So as you can see, from both a time and financial perspective, my neuromarketing program is a great value for you.

Course Content

Course Content

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Step 1: Understand and Align with How The Brain Works
Step 2: Speak the Brain’s Language
Step 3: Use an Integrated Neuromarketing Model
Proprietary ChatGPT Prompts for Neuromarketing
Power #1: Neurodesign [Coming November 2023]
Power #2: Useful Models from Psychology [Coming December 2023]
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